About this website

Each person with autism is a unique individual. They have their own set of strengths, personal preferences, socio-economic background, family background (including culture and beliefs) and the severity and presentation of their autism varies greatly.

This website is designed to introduce key issues facing individuals with autism during the “middle years” of pre and early adolescence. It is not intended to be an exhaustive resource but rather a “key” with which to unlock understanding of the unique strengths and challenges of autism during this age range.

Autism Tasmania’s aim is to empower readers to consider how they may extend this understanding to further support individuals and their families. The information is general in nature and subject to review. Autism Tasmania always recommends that information about the specific needs of an individual should be first and foremost sought from the individual themselves, their parents/carers, and any practitioners, therapists or professionals relevant to their particular circumstances.

In some cases Unlocking the Potential may incorporate or summarise information, guidelines or recommendations of third parties and links to external websites. These are inserted for convenience and readability and do not constitute endorsement of material, any associated organisation, product or service.

Care should be exercised when viewing video content of this site as we do not control what may be displayed as further video clips for topic once viewing is complete.

Unlocking The Potential was proudly developed through the generous assistance of The Lions Club of Hobart Town, Inc.

Feedback about this website is welcome and can be directed in writing via email to [email protected] or through mail to Autism Tasmania, PO Box 4649 Bathurst St PO, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000.